Palms and Fish


PALMSUNDAY2Κυριακή των Βαΐων – Palm Sunday

Ok, so no palms. But fish.

And olive branches. Also βάγια, which doubles as both bay leaves and palm fronds.

All of the above leafage features prominently in a triumphal entry, which is what Palm Sunday is all about after all. That, and the fish. Not sure which got the name βάϊ first, the laurel or the palm. My hunch says it’s the former, although the very ancient date palm forest on Crete is named Βάϊ, and it predates (oops, unintentional!) the Greek language, and probably even human habitation. Somewhere along the way, by association, other glorifying fronds acquired the title. Conceivably, they may always have been interchangeable. Depending on location, myrtle or willow, oak or the olive κότινος pass as palms these days. Unsurprisingly in our neck of the woods, the olive reigns supreme.

And the fish was delicious!


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