A visual blog about transience. Or, a transient blog about visuals.

Depending on who you ask, I am a painter, an illustrator, teacher or graphic designer. On the side, I like book design, watercolours, and lately taking pics on my phone. I have another instagram feed @aka.anna.kay  (mostly of doors, but that could change some day…)

I illustrate across a spectrum of media. I love working with Adobe software, most of all Illustrator. I am also a fine artist. I use acrylics, watercolours and printmaking. I also have a moleskin habit, which I attribute to the days before digital cameras and my bad conventional photography skills: I soon found out that sketching my holiday scenes would have better results than consigning them to film. Technology has made a better photographer of me, mainly through trial & error and infinte delete capabilities, but the moleskin addiction is here to stay.