Happy Easter!


Cypriot cheese-filled pastry, mainly consumed at Easter. I’ll leave the recipe to the experts…

Flaounes (Cyprus Easter Cheese Bread)  [excellent food blogger Cypriotandproud!]

…as for the

…The English word “flan”, and the earlier forms “flaune” and “flawn”, come from the Old French flaon (modern French flan), in turn from the early Medieval Latin fladōn-em, derived from the Old High German flado, a sort of flat cake, probably from an Indo-European root for “flat” or “broad”.

Flan is an open, rimmed, pastry or sponge base, containing a sweet or savoury filling. Examples are the quiche lorraine, custard tart, and the South African melktert


Fiadone 1. Dolce tipico trentino in forma di pasticcino triangolare, ripieno di un impasto di mandorle, burro, miele, chiodi di garofano, rum o altro liquore, cotto nel forno; per lo più al plur., fiadoni. 2. Nell’Abruzzo, dolce di Pasqua fatto di sfoglia dolce ripiena di formaggio, ricotta e uova sbattute.

i.e. two types of italian regional pastry, most notably the second kind, from Abruzzo, which is descibed as sweet dough filled with cheese, ricotta and beaten eggs!

La cultura italiana

Enjoy responsibly!


Turn Over a New Leaf


So I’m greek, okay, and at New Year’s we make wishes, not resolutions. To my Anglo-American friends, you know I’ve tried the resolved way, but I have to be honest: my heart was never in it. Many new year’s eves ago I finally just had to quit. Wishes are no better, you may say. How is wishing, (so decidedly estranged from making so!) a better alternative to lapsed resolutions? Both are traditions of taking stock, of showing good intentions, and of positive (even magical) thinking, each in their own way. There are pros and cons to both: if the former is too fatalistic and dependent on a gamble (hey, so are my people…), the latter is too introverted and set up for failure. If a wish is more nurturing, awash with season’s sentiments and good cheer, a resolution is, at least, far more proactive and self-empowering. I get it, it’s not about who is better than. It’s about tastes.

As a new year begins, I resolve to wish to each and every one of my -actual and digital- friends out there:
Be evermore transformed by your reality
evermore comfortable in your skin
 experiences that will evermore refresh your outlook

While wishing each other well, we affirm these wishes for ourselves, so that we mindfully carry these thoughts into 2017. Luck, chance or fate may tamper with our plans, as well as with our wishfulness; not so with our mindfulness, the best kind of transformation! May we all have even more growth, acceptance and creativity, in all the days to come.